Analytica Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

Washington D.C – April 30, 2019 – A message from Mariano Lopez, Analytica’s CEO

Thank you to our customers and Analytica staff for helping us reach this milestone!

Analytica Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Analytica’s 10 year anniversary this spring also coincided with the opening of Analytica’s new office in Baltimore – a fitting marker of the company’s exciting new growth and increasing impact in the health, civilian, and national security mission areas that we serve.

As I reflect on the past decade and our journey from a basement startup in Maryland to 70+ employees across the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, I recall the many dedicated colleagues who worked alongside each other to deliver our best results, project after project, day after day. Together, we have implemented DC’s Health Benefit Exchange to help insure more residents, provided analytic support to root out fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare, and are modernizing data management, reporting, visualization, and analytic capabilities to empower our customers across the health, civilian, and national security domains to easily access and leverage their data to gain more meaningful insights that provide for more actionable solutions.

I recognize that the company’s accomplishments are a result of the core values that our staff embody and demonstrate every day – and that it is our core values that will keep Analytica going strong for the next decade and more. In essence, our values emphasize teamwork, doing the right thing, and being analytical.

Excellence is Team-Driven. We know that excellence can’t be achieved alone and that there are no shortcuts. I’m grateful for and humbled by the unique perspectives and valuable contributions that everyone at Analytica brings to the table to tackle our customers’ most challenging problems. Each of us leads by example to help our colleagues and customers succeed.

Do the Right Thing. We persevere tirelessly to ensure our clients are successful – but we always do it with integrity. By owning our actions and commitments and sometimes making tough decisions, we uphold our integrity, which has been the foundation for the strong, positive relationships with our customers. I’m honored for our company to have served 15+ state and federal agencies over the past ten years, helping them achieve their goals and missions.  

Be Analytical. Everybody at Analytica—whether in a technical or nontechnical role – is curious, explores the possibilities, asks tough “what-if” questions, and reflects to learn.

Advanced analytics and IT is constantly and quickly evolving and will undoubtably become more influential in our everyday lives. By continuing to uphold our core values, I believe in Analytica’s ability to keep pace with these advancements and sustain our growth for many years to come.