ANALYTICA’s law enforcement customer is one of the ten largest police agencies in the U.S. and is at the forefront of leveraging technology to support intelligence, crime, and enforcement initiatives. Our customer needed to leverage predictive analytics and visualization technologies to analyze structured and unstructured location-based crime, traffic, and accident data. This effort was part of an overall program assessment for a new federal program to use data driven approaches law enforcement operational model.

ANALYTICA was hired to provide objective recommendations on the tools and processes to achieve this goal, as well as to implement a data warehouse utilizing the customers structured and unstructured data, geo-code and map this data using a COTS Geographic Information Systems software, such as ArcGIS or Google Earth, and conduct statistical sampling and analysis on the data for law enforcement.


Through ANALYTICA’s support, our customer was able to use advanced GIS mapping and geostatistical techniques to leverage predictive analytics and visualization capabilities for potential law enforcement policing and to determine program effectiveness. This work supported both innovation in potential law enforcement as well as policy analysis.