Federal Data Strategy and Governance


Analytica is supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) to design and implement a federal data strategy and governance approach to support enterprise cloud environments. As part of our work, we are helping adapt data architecture, design standards, and governance frameworks to support innovations around cloud-based data management and analytics.

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The Challenge

Our client wanted to keep pace with rapidly evolving innovations such as cloud computing, big data, data-as-a-service, and schema-on-read data storage to help modernize their approach to data and infrastructure. In addition they were looking to incorporate more integrated DevOps and DevSecOps approaches to applications and data architecture to support successful project implementation.

Our Approach

Analytica provides support around helping define and implement a federal data strategy and governance model that aligns to business and IT strategies. In collaboration with CMS, our team advises on Federal Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Governance approaches to balance centralized control with flexibility to accommodate new paradigms such as hybrid and cloud environments. Analytica assisted in designing and implementing the Data Architecture standards and guidelines to help the agency project teams understand a range of topics, including Data Naming, Data Description, and data standards. By integrating new and emerging tools, our team is able to support emerging data models and architecture for the agency.

The Solution

Our client faced numerous challenges establishing enterprise-level master data management standards and guidance across a large, complex organization. Analytica’s federal data strategy and governance support an evolutionary approach to data standards, architecture and infrastructure. Analytica’s support prioritizes high-value IT projects and business capabilities to ensure data is provided in an accurate, timely, and meaningful manner to drive transformation of the health care delivery system.


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