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Creative, Data-Driven Problem Solving

We thrive on helping organizations identify and implement improvements in processes, personnel, and technology. Backed by an international standard project management process and highly skilled employees, we deliver federal technology and consulting services with measurable results for our government partners that impact the lives of citizens. We achieve this through our focus on building agile, scalable solutions that are guided by human centered design.

Advanced Analytics

Analytica’s data science and business intelligence experts help our clients make data-driven decisions to achieve their business goals. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide end-to-end solutions which equip government entities and their users to increase analytics effectiveness, create a data-driven culture, and drive results.


  • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards, and reporting suites
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning compatibility and driven insights
  • Forecasting and deep learning

Digital Transformation

Analytica applies a proven, low-risk, and collaborative approach to supporting federal client product and technology modernization. Our team supports federal application modernization, low-code and no-code implementations, business automation using robotic process automation (RPA), and developing scalable solutions leveraging DevOps, DataOps, and DevSecOps solutions.


  • Rapid, cost-effective software delivery
  • Automation compatible with modern development
  • Repeatable and adaptive processes

Enterprise Data Management

We provide a flexible enterprise data management approach to meet our client’s needs and empower continuous improvement and self-sufficiency.


  • Improves data stewardship, governance, and interoperability while reducing data redundancy and quality issues
  • Builds a culture that values data.
  • Provides the knowledge and expertise for our clients to successfully maintain, continuously improve, and manage a data management program that embraces their data as an enterprise asset

Human Centered Design

We know any insight gained from data is only as impactful as it is understandable by the end user. Our wholistic approach merges achieving our clients’ business goals with meeting the needs of the people using their systems.


  • Increased innovation through discovery and collaboration
  • Decreased risk of acceptance by including users in the decision process
  • Maximized return on investment with higher quality outputs

Management Consulting

Our goal is to drive mission outcomes faster than our clients could on their own and improve the lives of citizens by helping organizations solve their most pressing challenges. Our strategic and management consulting services range from change management and program integrity to agile transformation.


  • Provide customer focused outcomes
  • Assist our clients in reducing clinical variation to optimize performance
  • Address existing challenges, while proactively identifying potential future hurdles

Training & Coaching

Analytica is dedicated to providing expert training and agile coaching to ensure successful delivery of our services. We offer structured in-person and remote training, demos, and training materials to help our clients successfully accomplish their mission, as well as adopt an agile and data-driven mindset.


  • Bridges the gap between diverse maturity levels across programs and divisions
  • Promotes better utilization of data visualization and reporting tools
  • Improves Agile transformation outcomes through better alignment and collaboration

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