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At Analytica, our goal is to drive mission outcomes faster than our clients could on their own and improve the lives of citizens by helping organizations solve their most pressing challenges. Our strategic and management consulting services support federal government clients with a range of requirements from change management to agile transformation, all with one common objective; to help you do the next right thing.

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Management Consulting
in government

Leveraging our team of objective and experienced management consultants, we help our clients navigate challenges around limited budgets to changing external, technology, and end-user needs. We have a successful history of providing mission-critical Federal Government management consulting services to a variety of federal departments, agencies, and bureaus supporting health, civilian, and national security missions. Our federal government management consulting team helps address existing challenges, while also proactively identifying potential future hurdles. We combine deep expertise in strategic areas with functional experience to provide our customers with consulting services that drive real impact and results.

Program Integrity
Analytica understands the growing need for agencies to create greater transparency and accountability for program integrity performance while reducing improper payments across states. To address these needs, we provide regular state-level reviews to support our clients in combatting fraud, waste, and abuse.

Change Management

Events from previous years have driven acceleration in advancing the future of the government. Once an institution inherently designed to resist rapid change, the U.S. Federal government now faces a combination of forces that seem to demand fundamental and transformational changes at an ever-increasing pace. As agencies face unprecedented mission-critical challenges and implement new systems, solutions, tools, and organizational structures, we provide innovative and forward-thinking changes for our clients.

Clinical Quality

Healthcare in the United States is more costly than in any comparable nation, yet the U.S. has much poorer health outcomes. Analytica helps our clients reduce clinical variation to optimize performance by leveraging clinical quality and patient safety data, analytics, and tailored expert services across the six domains of quality—effectiveness, safety, efficiency, equitability, patient-centeredness, and timeliness.

Agile and DevOps
Transformation and Delivery

As organizations progress beyond traditional single-speed delivery models that struggle to keep up with high-paced innovation and forward-thinking. CIOs and organizations are aligning agile experience more evenly across teams and optimizing enterprise at an optimal pace across the organization. To stay competitive, organizations are increasingly faced with the need to operate and deliver value more quickly than ever before.

Analytica’s established framework helps guide our clients through every step of their Agile and DevOps journeys. We provide a single, integrated execution framework employing best practices from Scrum, Kanban, and Agile methodologies, as well as DevOps best practices to achieve technical excellence and programmatic success. We structure our Agile teams and processes to provide stakeholders clear metrics, the definition of done criteria, Agile-focused requirements triage, and prioritization.

Management Consulting
  • Provide customer-focused outcomes
  • Address existing challenges, while proactively identifying potential future hurdles
  • Provide innovative and forward-thinking changes to help our clients modernize
  • Assist our clients in reducing clinical variation to optimize performance

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September 15th, 2021
Case Study

Payment Integrity Information Act (PIIA)

Analytica supports federal agencies to rapidly adapt to legislative changes by applying a data-driven consulting approach and implementing technology systems allowing them to comply with new federal mandates and programs, such as the Payment Integrity Information Act (PIIA). For the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) we are implementing processes and web applications that automate payment integrity models, reporting, and anomaly detection.

February 6th, 2022

Supporting the CMS Vision for a Health Ecosystem

Analytica is building tools at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of […]

November 21st, 2021
Case Study

Federal Program Integrity Support

Analytica supports the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) with federal program integrity support analysis, oversight, and compliance in support of Medicare and Medicaid. Our team-integrated team applies both subject matter and technology expertise to help combat public sector fraud, waste, and abuse, In collaboration with our client, we help provide innovations around case prioritization, selection, and applying risk-based analytics to program integrity reviews.


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