Core Values

We value our start-up culture: we work hard, but we know how to have fun. As one of a select group of companies capable of bridging the gap between functional silos, Analytica specializes in providing a holistic approach to an organization’s financial, analytics, and information technology needs.


We believe that if our clients are successful then we will be successful. Our clients are often tackling some of the most complex and challenging problems facing our communities. We are committed to solving these problems by demonstrating, every day, the perseverance and tenacity necessary to accomplish the work.

Team-Driven Excellence

We believe excellence and accomplishment are not measured by plaques, awards, certifications, or degrees – but by the work we do together on a daily basis. The path to achieving excellence is rarely straightforward or quick; it is more like a journey that’s best traversed as a team. By working together to deliver daily on our objectives and our client’s expectations, we achieve excellence.

Doing the Right Thing

We believe that you should always do the right thing. While we strive to deliver our best efforts, achieve the best quality results, and provide the greatest value for our clients, we must do it with integrity. Our client’s mission and success are what come first. This dedication may require sacrificing profitability, personal time, or having to say “no” – but it’s doing the right thing. Working with integrity means we own our actions and commitments and are accountable to ourselves, colleagues, clients, and the communities they serve.

Leading by Example

We believe that each of us at Analytica has the capacity to lead, regardless of role, seniority, or title. Leadership can take many forms, from quiet efficiency to leading delivery on award-winning solutions. Leadership is measured by the character of the individual, and by his or her willingness and ability to help colleagues and clients succeed.

Being Analytical

We believe being ‘analytical’ isn’t just about being smart or knowing how to apply the scientific method. At Analytica, we believe that being analytical means that you are curious, you explore the possibilities, ask the tough “what-if” questions, are data-driven, and reflect to learn.

Our People

Analytica’s team members are united in their commitment to leveraging data and advanced data analytic technologies to solve the world’s most pressing and important problems. As a team, we believe in making a difference that impacts every one of us and makes our country better. We hire, develop, and promote professionals that are innovative and good at what they do to help us achieve our company and clients’ goals and missions.

A Diverse Workplace

Every one of us at Analytica offers a unique background and different characteristics that add to our quality of work and help us better serve our clients. Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) are integral attributes of Analytica’s success; our differences drive innovative solutions. We value our team’s breadth of perspectives with varying views stemming from disparities related to race, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, culture, education, social status, and professional and life experiences. We are committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion and work to learn and improve as we grow.

Meet the Team

Life at Analytica

We are a team of passionate nerds that truly enjoys what we do – we are more than the work we produce. We are a community who supports each other and contributes to the greater good.


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