Analytica is a leading SBA certified 8a small business contractor that specializes in providing consulting and technical solutions in areas such as Information Technology (IT), Data Management, Analytics, Software Engineering, Information Security, and Program Management.  These solutions have been recognized by organizations like NYU’s Governance Lab for helping drive public sector innovation and are backed by standards such as Agile SAFe / Scrum, ISO and CMMI. Analytica is an SBA Certified 8(a), HUBZone small business that has also been recognized as one of the 250 fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. for 3 consecutive years by Inc.

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8a small business development program allows Analytica, as an 8a small business contractor, to support US Federal public sector organizations utilizing various contract vehicle options. Through our participation in this program, Analytica can receive set aside and sole-source contracts for its leading IT services or Software. We are also able to form joint ventures or participate in the Mentor-Protégé program to support federal public sector organizations in health, financial services, intelligence and commerce.

What is an SBA certified 8a small business contractor?

The SBA’s 8(a) small business development program offers small disadvantaged businesses a wide range of assistance to help them compete in the marketplace and gain traction in federal government contracting. The focus of the program is to provide business development support, including procurement assistance, mentoring, business counseling, financial assistance, and training to help small businesses participate in competitive acquisitions. 8(a) small businesses can receive set aside or sole-source contracts, as well as form joint ventures and teams to serve federal agencies under larger prime contracts. Participants in the program go through a four-year developmental stage and a five-year transition phase throughout the nine year course of the program.

How Can Contracting Officers Leverage The 8a Small Business Program?

For federal contracting officers, using an 8(a) small business contractor makes procurement simple and streamlined. A program manager must have a valid requirement conveyed through a statement of work, and funding has to be available. As the contracting officer, a contracting officer can determine what type of 8(a) small business contracting opportunity to conduct.

  • A competitive 8(a) set-aside contract can be awarded if the contracting officer has a reasonable expectation that at least two responsible 8(a) small businesses will submit offers and that the resulting contract can be awarded at a fair market price.
  • A sole source 8(a) contract can be awarded if the contracting officer does not have a reasonable expectation that two or more qualified 8(a) small businesses will submit offers, determines that the qualified 8(a) small business contractor is responsible, and determines that the contract can be awarded at a fair price. The 8(a) sole source vehicle offers agencies a shortened acquisition process:
  • Initiate a contract with a simple high level statement of work
  • Reduced decision cycle
  • Lowered administrative costs
  • Prices that reflect the best value

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