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Contract Name PSC Intelligence Automation/Artificial Intelligence (IAAI)
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Health and Human Services (HHS) Program Support Center (PSC) is the largest multi-function, shared service provider to the federal government, offering over 40 services including acquisition support to HHS, its component agencies and other federal agencies on a competitive fee for service basis, allowing agencies to focus on their core mission. As a shared service provider, PSC’s focus is on delivering mission support functions better, faster and more efficiently. As a result, it is well positioned to procure technological solutions that generate efficiencies and cost savings across HHS and throughout the Federal Government.

Under the Intelligent Automation / Artificial Intelligence (IAAI) IDIQ  contract, Analytica supports federal agency piloting, testing and implementation of advanced technologies including, but not limited to, intelligent automation/artificial intelligence (e.g. blockchain/distributive ledger technology (DLT), microservices, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation, which can transform business processes and enhance mission delivery in the Federal Government.


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